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Apex Hospitals, Since 2004 driven by its evidence-based approach is now offering laser procedures.


Meet Our Doctor

Meet Our Doctors


Dr. R. Bhaskar Chowdary

Laparoscopic & General Surgeon

Having received his medical education from one of the oldest medical colleges in Andhra pradesh.


Dr. Nitin Rimmalapudi

Laser & Laparoscopic Surgeon

Dr. Nitin Rimmalapudi is an esteemed expert in the field of medical surgery, specializing...


Happy Patients

1 Lakh +


Success Surgeries

30000 +

About Us

We have been treating patients with the highest standard of care and commitment to excellence. All of our physicians, surgeons, and nurses are board certified, and specialize in a range of medical procedures. 


Our Specialities

Apex Hospitals driven by its evidence-based approach is now offering laser procedures that are backed by research and proved to be effective compared to conventional procedures, services include :


Why Choose Apex


Qualified Facilities

The amenities at this facility are unsurpassed and create a caring, comfortable environment that fosters a sense of belonging. At this #qualifiedfacility, you can count on a friendly staff that has your best interests in mind. Come find out for yourself!


It’s not just about us. It’s about you. And that’s why we built a team of doctors and nurses who want to give you more than just top-notch care. We want to give you access to the latest treatments and technology for you.

Top Level Doctors


It’s not just about the service we provide, it’s about the overall experience that we have with our patients and family. We make it our obligation to give every patient a personal touch by giving them their own bed and making sure their room is stocked with the essentials.


Emergency responders never rest. They’re always on call and ready to respond 24/7, with lights flashing and sirens sounding when called. It’s their responsibility to take care of the people in their communities, no matter how big or small the situation.

Dedicated Patient Care

24/7 Emergency

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